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Nature’s Thyme

Nature’s Thyme was founded in 2019 by Vicky Allen after her own personal journey of discovering the benefits of the natural products. After having her first child in 2016, she returned to work when her daughter was 9 months old as an HR Business Partner within the Natural Health Industry; this was the catalyst for her introduction to the world of Natural Health.

After a whirlwind introduction to how beneficial these products could be as an alternative to conventional pharmaceuticals, Vicky was inspired when she heard people’s testimonies of how natural health products had helped them to heal themselves and alleviate their health issues. Having previously been sceptical about the effectiveness of natural health products, she carried out her own research and her perspective changed.

Having suffered from arthritis and struggling with chronic pain management for many years, Vicky consulted some of her colleagues and started a regime of natural supplements and products. As her knowledge grew, she started to try different products and found that she could improve her health and wellbeing through learning what works for her own system. The benefits that she experienced convinced her that the Natural Health industry was only going to grow further as time progressed.

After the birth of Vicky’s second child, she decided that she wanted to spend more time at home with her children. With a desire to be part of the industry that has proved so beneficial to her own health, and to spread some of the knowledge she had gained to enhance people’s health and wellbeing, Vicky decided to create Nature’s Thyme.

The products on the site have been carefully curated with this aim in mind. With products ranging from natural supplements and superfoods to skincare and children’s healthcare, you will find everything that you need on your personal journey to natural health.