Definition: The use of natural products and energy in a way that does not harm the environment. The ability to continue or be continued for a long time.

There is a lot that falls under the umbrella of sustainability. At Nature’s Thyme, we believe that doing good extends beyond selling healthy products. It means taking a long, hard look at ourselves and identifying areas where we can make positive change. Here are some examples of what we do with a long view of sustainability in mind:

Sustainability within our buying policy

Sustainable sourcing is high on the priority list when we are sourcing new products to list on the website. We ask that suppliers provide us with full ingredient lists and question how their ingredients are sourced. The ideal company would provide full transparency from ingredient provenance, supply chain traceability and sustainable production methods for their ingredients as well as the finished product.

We also consider the product’s packaging. Is it in glass or plastic – if plastic, is it made from recycled material and is it recyclable? Is there an excess of plastic wrapping? Has the company provided the most sustainable way of presenting their product whilst retaining the integrity of the product?

The product itself cannot be harmful for the environment – for example, we do not stock exfoliators that contain nano plastics that would be washed into the aquatic system.

We also increasing our range of British made products in an attempt to reduce our Carbon footprint and support local. Our aim is to provide a route to market for these smaller, home grown businesses.

Sustainability within our business

 We are proud members of The Organic Trade Board, a membership organisation that supports and promotes the organic industry in the UK. As they say on their website, organic is better for the soil, for wildlife, for farm animals, for nature and for the planet as a whole! We believe that by choosing organic, you are making a more sustainable choice for the earth.

We sell a wide range of organic products as they fit perfectly with our vision to deliver nature’s gift in the simplest way possible.

Our deliveries are packaged in recyclable materials – even down to paper packing tape. You don’t have to worry about getting rid of a whole load of plastic bubble wrap.

We are still learning as we grow our business, so if you see any areas where we can make an improvement, please let us know!